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Let me start off by stating how much I love this song. Pretty Things comes off Breatrix Sky’s 2016 album Rock Star and it has one of my favorite qualities: this dark-downbeat pop sound. If you listen to the song you hear that from beginning to end it has all the qualities that could make this a radio pop hit, the basic composition, Sky’s sultry vocals, and the total progression of the song. But then I’m not really a fan of those radio-pop hits, I like my pop songs dark and a little bit twisted.

Above all what you can’t deny about Pretty Things is that is has a raw emotional feel to it, you get this impression that the song is hovering just over a precipice with the potential at any moment of stalling and plummeting. That kind of danger in a song is beautiful.

As for the video by Naomi Cherie Bessette, Pretty Things is presented minimally in black and white with pacing and cuts that compliment the music to perfection. It has a really nice mixture of candid captures with clear stellar set up shots. Personally I love the idea of taking a song called “Pretty Things” where the temptation might be to blast the video with vivid color and instead go completely in the other direction is pretty gutsy and it works.

You can and should pick up Beatrix Sky’s album Rock Star, Pretty Things isn’t the only standout on that album and it’s totally worth your time to give a listen, find it at