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I’ve been talking about this show for a week and looking forward to it for even longer.  Last night I had the pleasure of attending the opening reception for The Last Wave, a plethora of new work by the wonderfully talented artist Stacey Rozich.

If you were busy with something else last night… say the LAKE show at The Tractor Tavern, then you missed your chance to join the party.  The throngs of art hungry hipsters, and conspicuous kids with skateboards looking to score a glass of wine or a can of Rainier.  Yes it was an art show like only the PNW knows how to throw.  Like I said if you weren’t there you really missed out, but fret not because you can still stop by the Flat Color gallery on 1st avenue in Pioneer Square between 12 and 6pm Wednesday through Sunday.  This also happens to be the final show for Flat Color at this location.

As a serious fan of Stacy’s work I thoroughly enjoyed what I saw throughout the exhibition.  The art is still unquestionably hers, with the brilliant colors, detailed patterns, mythological and folkloric beasts and creatures, intricate masks, and a strong theme of disguise.  This time around she threw a new element in, using more modern props and costumes like Converse, cigarettes, record players, rifles, and more Rainier beer than you could shake a stick at.  If you look closely you’ll see dozens of tiny green imps totally shit faced on the ol’ mountain brew.

yes stacey designed the shirt i'm wearing

I asked Stacey about this new element because it was a slight departure from what she had been doing, and because it was so intriguing.  She told me that part of the inspiration came from a series of African masks at the Seattle Art Museum, and images of people dawning them while wearing Converse.  For me this was the beautiful marriage of the mythological old world with myself.  I’ve always identified with her beasts but now I can identify directly with the characters.

This also turned out to be the perfect opportunity to purchase a unique addition for the bedroom of my future daughter, Jackson: Savior’s Day.