10 musical moments of breaking bad

SPOILERS APLENTY IN THIS ARTICLE, IF YOU’RE NOT COMPLETELY CAUGHT UP READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Look guys, I need help. Like serious help. I’m two steps away from selling all my earthly possessions, buying keep going you know you want to →

5 questions that will shape season five of breaking bad

**Warning this article is basically one big spoiler.  If you’ve not watched all four seasons of Breaking Bad, then you may want to skip this article and read it once you’re all caught up.** Breaking keep going you know you want to →

whose story is this?

  ***warning this article contains spoilers for Mad Men and Breaking Bad, any spoiling will be represented in red*** The long awaited season five premier of Mad Men is upon us, March 25th to be keep going you know you want to →

you might have missed… the larry sanders show

You might have missed… is for t.v. shows, movies, albums, books and anything else canceled or released sometime ago that might have fallen off the current radar.  These are things that we feel are important keep going you know you want to →

Why Did The Meth Cook Cross The Road?*

WARNING: MAY CONTAIN VOLATILE SPOILERS INSIDE Many people, when asked if they watch Breaking Bad, will tell you that they just can’t. The constant fear of mortality and ongoing themes of illness and cruelty hit too keep going you know you want to →

visibly upset

We the television viewers don’t know how to appropriately feel or react to situations and circumstances. Thankfully TV has stepped up to that arduous task and offers the proper reactions for us.  How would I keep going you know you want to →

brother louie

Summer is here, well it’s here for most of the country, summer won’t arrive in Seattle till after July 4th if it arrives at all.  Weather aside there is one thing summer brings across the keep going you know you want to →