jenny o ~ automechanic

This album doesn’t come out until next Tuesday (February 5th) but because that conflicts with the release of the new Thao and the Get Down Stay Down album, I wanted to give Jenny O the keep going you know you want to →

LIST: 2012’s best albums

I love lists, it might even be my preferred method of reading really.  I might finally get around to reading Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov if it was in the form of a list.  This also keep going you know you want to →

true believer!

If you don’t currently subscribe to or buy  the literary magazine The Believer, now is the time to start.  In its upcoming yearly music issue there is a mixed tape (a literal tape) compiled by keep going you know you want to →

ruby fray ~ pith

It wasn’t a conscious decision to have so many album reviews in such a short span of time, there just happen to be so many great albums coming out, that someone needs to help you keep going you know you want to →

song of the week: father john misty ~ nancy from now on

  You’re not experiencing a case of Déjà vu, a couple weeks ago our song of the week was also the brilliant Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings by Father John Misty, aka Josh Tillman.  I don’t adhere to keep going you know you want to →