west coast chalice (karl blau)

I first met Karl Blau back in November of 2011 for an interview, he was in the process of recording Sleep Walker, a poem which had been sent to him as part of his recently keep going you know you want to →

what we missed in 2013

  We run with a skeleton crew around here, if by skeleton you mean, a small pile of bones. Though I try to prioritize upcoming releases, an album will occasionally slip through the cracks, either keep going you know you want to →

episode 3 karl blau

In episode 3. karl blau, I interview musician/producer Karl Blau. Karl has played with and produced albums for LAKE, Earth, Laura Veirs, D +, etc. he is also the creator of the periodic album club KLAPS. Karl’s keep going you know you want to →

interview with karl blau

If you spend any meaningful amount of time looking into indie music from the Pacific Northwest, one name that will pop out at you over and over is Karl Blau.  He’s performed with and produced keep going you know you want to →