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I wrote something completely different for this recap initially, and then I ended up writing a different recap to capture the emotions of essentially every stage in the Kubler-Ross stages of grief, eventually I settled somewhere in-between every recap and ended up with this.


What happens if you mix the ferocity of The Gits with the soulful spirit of Janis Joplin, and the physicality of Martha Graham? There is only one answer, Thunderpussy!

I’m not entirely sure what was being celebrated here, KEXP partnered with Rainier Beer, which isn’t actually brewed or owned in the Pacific Northwest anymore. In the late 90’s Pabst bought the struggling beverage company and the old brewery ceased operations. The iconic “R” logo as seen from I-5 was also removed and replaced by a ridiculous “T” for Tully’s, but in the last few years that “T” was replaced by a new “R” that, while very similar, has these white lights around the legs of the “R” which I find infuriatingly asymmetrical. Enough with the unsolicited history lesson; Rainier beer, the beer that has been the dirty suburbs beer of choice for sixty years, or otherwise known as the beer you get at the shittiest of dive bars, was being celebrated. There was a lot of “R” shit around and I honestly didn’t get it.

I wish I could live forever in that place I was in back on R-Day, back when I thought we were on the cusp of our first female president, back when I thought that Thunderpussy existed as an extension of a culture that would put a women in the White House, and not in spite of a culture that would put a rapist-misogynist-pile-of-human-trash in the White House. I know that Thunderpussy is all about the music and that they’d rather talk about the songs they wrote and the artists who influenced them then about a misogynistic society and an industry ruled over by men, but for the first time I’ve begun to see Thunderpussy differently.

I took the existence of the band for granted, and it is only now that I see how to some Thunderpussy isn’t an empowering group of strong women, but rather as dangerous. And Thunderpussy is dangerous to those who are afraid to see them do what they do up on the stage so beautifully, so skillfully, and all without shame. Thunderpussy poses a direct threat to Trump’s America and I am so thankful that they are here to do just that.

On the music side, Thunderpussy rocked, of course they rocked, they more than rocked, they killed. After returning from a month of recording in Nashville for their debut album and the recent release of the the trailer for Danger Diva, the latest Robert McGinley film starring front woman Molly Sides, this was a big time return for the band to Seattle, where a ravenous crowd ate up everything they had to offer and then some. All political and cultural meaning aside Thunderpussy is an incredible band and they played one hell of a show.








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