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This show was one I’ve waited for in a few different ways. I’ve never had the chance to see Jenny O live with a full band backing her, and I couldn’t wait to see her play songs off her latest album Peace and Information. A week prior local band Eggshells was added to the bill and despite featuring Peter Verdoes’ band on here a couple of times I’d never had the opportunity to see him perform live. The show was really amazing, it’s easy to forget that Jenny isn’t just an artist made in the studio and her stunning vocals sound just as amazing live as they do on the album. Eggshells really helped round out the full bill and really thought that getting to see those songs up close made them all the more meaningful.

The only bummer of the night was that I had to leave before Tristen’s set. The show took place the night before my birthday and I thought that since it was taking place at the Vera Project that it would be fun to bring my wife and five year old along. By the end of Jenny’s performance my daughter was done.