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If I start by using certain trigger words like “post-rock” “instrumental” or “minimalism” you might be tempted to turn off your ears. With Heavy Petting’s latest and final album I want to urge you not to do so because there is so much great rhythm and melody here that I wouldn’t want you to miss it.

Heavy Petting is a trio comprised of Evan Anderson, Derek Blackstone, and Evan Easthope of iji, Land of Pines, and Neighbors. Rock Plus, a title which seems to denote the addition of more than just rock as well as the technologically driven keyword for “better” is the band’s fourth and final release. Following the release of Rock Plus the band will go on a small tour in Montana, Washington, California, and Oregon before calling it quits on the project. If I’m being truly honest, I was only familiar with the trio as a peripheral band in the Seattle scene, having now dove full-on into their music I’m really sad that it’s all coming to an end.

Rock Plus is much like the band’s other releases, epic movements of music that shift beautifully and organically into different stages of a larger picture, it’s instrumental post rock that has glimmers of metal, punk, and grunge spread throughout. Everything is presented minimally right down to the song titles which are simply titled New One, New Three, and New Too. What I find so surprising about the band is that they cut out everything that would distract you from the melodic, grinding guitar riffs, the loopy yet precise bass, and the thundering tempo of the drums. There are no vocals to focus on here or flashy song titles, your ears are pointed right at the instruments and the way they progress through the various melodic elements.

Recorded at the Unknown Studio in Anacortes over the course of three days by Nicholas Wilbur, Rock Plus has a full and bright sound, some of the most energetic, heavy, and downright appetizing sounds the trio has ever recorded. It’s just so melodic with really stellar riffs I found this album to send me through a slow groove, into a thrashing dance, and an upbeat, uptempo body move.

Heavy Petting will release Rock Plus on Halfshell records on July 28th, they’ll be celebrating with a release show at Cafe Solstice w/Merso & Breach.

7.27.2017 Missoula, MT

7.28.2017 Seattle, WA

7.29.2017 Olympia, WA

7.30.2017 Oakland, CA

7.31.2017 San Francisco, CA

8.1.2017 Portland, OR

New One – Heavy Petting from The Pity Party on Vimeo.