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By the end of this week we’re all going to get an album we so desperately need, we could all use a little more beauty in our lives and Cavegreen’s Vita Lucida if it is nothing else (which is certainly not the case) is absolutely beautiful. Starting a couple years ago folk artist Eleanor Murray began working with photographer¬†GianLuca Bucci, it started with GianLuca sending Eleanor some of his writings and then Eleanor would write music to it on her guitar, this coincided with Eleanor’s growing interest with a borrowed midi board and dance music. In 2015 ¬†Journey of Return was released, a four song EP which included a song then called just Clouds. As Eleanor began performing shows for Cavegreen it became clear to both her and GianLuca that the songs and audience were looking for something faster and more danceable, gradually the songs were reworked to be longer, more driven and intense with a faster heartbeat to make the songs endlessly danceable.

I spent a lot of time working with Pacific Clouds as I edited this video and what I came to appreciate about it so much was the way that it does have that electronic dance music feel, but with the lyrics and Eleanor’s etherial vocals you get a really unique experience. This is something you get throughout the entirely of Vita Lucida, they play really nicely on your stereo, but they were also created to be experienced live and they just give something to the audience that is unlike anything I’ve really received from any other similar artist, but then there aren’t many traditional folk artists who can break genre barriers like Eleanor.

Pacific Clouds is the first in an on going series here at Secretly-Important called Real to Reel, in which I unnecessarily take an old Panasonic reel to reel I picked up at an estate sale a couple years back, and record live performances directly to tape. Vita Lucida is out on February 3rd and you can hear the album version of the song on Soundcloud or bandcamp. Make sure to visit them at to preorder the album check out your opportunities to see Cavegreen live (which you should do), or watch the really gorgeous videos for some of the other songs.


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