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I don’t really like to cross promote here with any of the other projects I might be working on or have worked on, Secretly-Important is about music and the artists that I want to expose and over the next few months there are going to be some really existing artists featured here with at least one that I’ve been working on featuring for quite some time. This will also help get us back on a regular schedule with interviews with some really killer people.

Having said all that I figured I would use this platform that I’ve spent six year cultivating to help out one of my brands that is currently taking over a significant part of my life. Since 2012 I’ve slowly and steadily put more and more focus on the visual element of the music we cover. Concert recaps have become more and more about showing you the experience of the live show rather than telling, and interviews are moving more toward the visuals with video and more involved photoshoots. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, our Profile of Cavegreen is the direction I will be pushing this site in the future. As photography has become more and more important to Secretly-Important it has also become a key part of my life. I’ve taken thousands of picture over the years of working for this website and I’ve made a decision to push myself as a photographer though an Instagram account I’m calling @douglasfur365. No real explanation for the name here.

If you’ve enjoyed the photoshoots/image sets I’ve featured here over the years I think you’ll like what I’m doing with Douglas Fur. I’m posting my favorite shots since 2012 some that you’ve seen on this site and which have never been released before, but you’ll also find art images that don’t really fit here, and I’ve been doing some photoshoots with models that I’m also really excited about. DouglasFur isn’t just a daily post of images, each has an explanation, the story behind that image or a lesson I learned about photography or art making in the process. I’m not interested in pictures for pictures sake, I’m always interested in the story behind those shots and as much as I’m excited to show you work that I’ve been doing over the years I’m equally excited to tell you about them.

@douglasfur365 is a journey in images for me, from the past through to the present and into the future, want to join me? Give it a look, give it a follow.

-This is the last time I’ll talk about @douglasfur365 over here, unless perhaps I post some Secretly-Important related images there. Now get ready for a really sweet review of a totally killer album by LA Witch.