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I was sitting at my computer trying to finish up what is always my favorite article to write for the entire year, my ten best albums list. I had ten albums that needed no real thought they just so naturally slid right in as obvious contenders for the years best music. Then I had this handful of albums swirling around my desktop, each deserving of being called the years best. At some point I wrote a little blurb about each of these albums and included them on my list before I changed my mind and replaced it with another. My list was late, later than its ever been, verging on potentially not even making it out until after the new year, but here I was totally hamstrung by my inability to simply choose an album and move forward.

So I’m sitting there looking at the screen, with yet another album on the list and I’m just trying to look things over, see how it fits. I take a moment to distract myself, to read an email, which is where I learn about Angelica Rockne who will be playing the Sunset 1/9 (yes, sending out emails about upcoming shows is highly effective). I was intrigued. Her debut album Queen of San Antonio came out this past October and is this honky tonk, California country, rock and roll gem with a little art rock-punk thrown in to make the whole album a thing of true beauty. Rockne has a country star charm to her voice but at the same time it has the afflicted punk qualities of Patti Smith.

My list was complete, an album I’d only just heard for the first time five minutes ago from an artist I was only just now learning about totally blew me away and I was fortunate not to have finished my list because it would have been flawed without Queen of San Antonio.

Angelica Rockne is on tour right now in support of this truly spectacular album and Secretly-Important top ten albums of the year inclusion. She’ll be rolling into town on January 9th at the Sunset along with Wildcat Rose and Sanoj Sniksah (of Low Hums). This is going to be a great show, and why not make your first (maybe your first) show of 2018 a really good one. I don’t know about you but give this album a listen and I think you’ll find pretty quickly that you’re going to want to hear these songs live, especially at the Sunset. Pick up your tickets now, bring your friends, this is going to be really good.


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